BDA reinforcements have arrived

2019-08-28 12:00:00

In August, we welcomed two new faces to our team, when Janina Natri and Jaakko Kopperoinen started as Business Development Agents in the beginning of the month.

We're very excited to have them onboard in the key roles, and look forward to accomplishing great things with their help.

Welcome, Janina and Jaakko!

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Tessa Yang on nimitetty Talent Agentiksi 1.3.2018 alkaen. Tessa siirtyy Finiteciin konsulttitalo Bynfosta, jossa hän on toiminut HR-asiantuntijan roolissa vastaten mm. rekrytoinnista ja työnantajamielikuvasta. Tessa omaa myös työkokemusta tapahtumien koordinoinnista, markkinoinnista sekä asiakaspalvelusta.


Antti Nyqvist on aloittanut Finitecillä 17.4. alkaen nimikkeellä Director, PMOps. Antin tehtävänä on auttaa Finitecin asiakkaita aiheissa, joissa haetaan IT Business kokemusta tai Projektin/Palvelunhallinnan osaamista - sekä kehittää Finitecin kontraktoriverkostosta Suomen ylivertaisin teknologia-osaajien lähde.

Antti on pitkän linjan ict-ammattilainen, ja hänellä kenellä on vahvoja näyttöjä ict liiketoiminnasta, sekä projekti- ja palvelunhallinnasta. Asiakastoimituksia on takana 15 vuoden ajalta yksityissektorilta julkishallintoon. Antti on ollut vetämässä projekteja, palveluita, sekä toiminut niiden ohjausryhmissä liiketoiminnan edustajana.

Antti tulee tuomaan Finitecin vahvaan V-12 myyntikoneeseen vahvistusta em. Aiheissa, sekä sparraamaan konsultteja entistä parempaan suoritukseen.


Björn Suomivuori on nimetty Finitecin uudeksi Business Development Directoriksi. Finitecillä aikaisemmin Talent Agenttina ja myynnillisessä roolissa toimineen Suomivuoren työnkuva muuttuu ja jatkossa rooliin kuuluu: Myynnin tehostaminen, asiantuntijaverkoston kasvattaminen, Finitecin Ruotsin liiketoiminnan kasvattaminen, markkinoinnin kehittäminen sekä Finitecin brandin vahvistaminen.  

Björnillä on monipuolinen kansainvälinen työkokemus myynnin ja taloushallinnon tehtävistä sekä kaupallisen ja luovan alan yliopistotutkinnot.

Rohkeus, omaperäisyys ja luovuus ovat Björnin valtteja tässäkin tehtävässä.

New Nominations at Finitec!


The new year has started with good spirits! The following new stars have joined our Team:

Tiina Honkiniemi has been nominated as Senior Client Executive on 9th of January, 2018. Tiina has 30 years of experience working with IT software vendors on various tasks including resourcing, project management, customer relationship management and business management. Tiina is inspired in working and finding new solutions to our Clients to support their business. She is looking forward continuing working with Finitec's current Client portfolio, as well as bringing her knowledge to benefit the new customers as well.

Jesse Helin has been nominated as Digital Business Developer on 9th of January, 2018. Jesse comes from the world of recruitment and employment solutions, as he previously worked with Saranen Consulting, where he was responsible of training programs recruitment and resource allocation for customers. In addition to recruitment experience, Jesse has a strong background in sales and project management. Jesse will bring understanding of the transformation of the labor market and the entrepreneurial mindset to our team.

Pia Laurinen has been nominated as Client Executive on 17th of January, 2018. Pia comes to Finitec from Danske Bank, where she has been taking care of customer financing and investment needs. Pia will continue doing what she loves doing: meeting Clients and uplifing their businesses.

Mikael Hornborg has been nominated as Digital Business Developer on 1st of February, 2018. Mikael will work with Finitec's client portfolio doing what he loves: problem solving and serving customers. Mikael has previously worked as a product manager for an international company, and has experience in project management, product development and sales.

Rami Hirvelä has been nominated as Developer's Best Friend on 15th of January, 2018. Rami has previoysly worked as consultant in Mirum Agency's Digital Services & Transformation unit. Prior to Mirium, he his responsibilities included customer relationships and sales and penetration of web service projects at Evermade and SC5. Rami will be mainly developing Finitec's developer community.

For more experienced stars, the following nominations have also been made:

Anna Eronen has been appointed Senior Client Executive since 2nd of January, 2018.
Leena Lassus has been appointed Senior Client Executive since 2nd of January, 2018.

Congratulations to all the stars and good years!

Finitec wishes everyone Merry Christmas and amazing New Year 2018!


We want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and an amazing New Year 2018.

This year was a year of positive change and growth, and we are truly grateful for the good fortune we have had.

We wanted to continue our Christmas tradition with HUS Children?s Hospital by visiting the brave little patients at K3 department.

Osasto K3

Finitecin lahjat Osaston K3:lle

Milja ja Lauri asentavat Netflixiä iPadeihin

Let's all be good and kind!


Finitec Family

New nominations at Finitec



Heta Issakainen has been appointed as Talent Agent on 2nd of October 2017. Heta moves to Finitec from Opteam, where she has been responsible for recruiting for various customers as well as personnel services. Heta also has experience in sales work and various customer service tasks.


Milja Usva has been appointed as  Talent Agent on 2nd of October 2017. Milja has diverse HR experience with Wartsila Finland Oy and the Sibelius Academy (Arts University of Applied Sciences). In her M.Sc. thesis, Milja examined agile HR practices for supporting business operations.


Ann-Sofia Bengtsson has been appointed Head of Permanent-Services and HR Manager on 2nd of October 2017. Ann-Sofia previously worked as a Recruitment Agent and HR Manager at Finitec.

As always, we are in high spirits and looking forward telling you more great news in the near future!

Full blast towards the summer!


Team Finitec is getting ready for the pre-summer business elevation with this week's High Activity boom. This year has been great so far and everything has been going according to plan. Here is a short Q1 update:

  • Revenue growth +10%
  • Significant growth in Key Accounts/top 20 accounts +20%
  • New clients +15
  • New quarterly sales record
  • Client/consultant sat surveys show strong performance
  • Willingness to recommend Finitec nearly 100%

Q2 and rest of year business outlook:

We expect elevation and good business throughout the year. We will be stronger than ever because...

Lauri Jutila has been appointed CTO starting 3.5.2017. Lauri's mission is to help Finitec's Customers by assembling the most talented Technology teams for their various Digital Projects, and developing Finitec's Contractor network as the best source of digital talent in Finland.

Lauri has strong background and experience in digital business services. He has previously been leading Kisko Labs for six years, and most recently developing the digitization Smartum Group's sport voucher in Polku.

Lauri will bring entrepreneurial technology -and culture expertise into Finitec's strong V-12 sales engine.

Lauri Jutila

We wish everyone a super springtime!

Team Finitec

Finitec Q1 2017



Hello! We had a session last week where we discussed about the high lights of last year and how this year has started. We would like to share them with you as well, here are some of the main feelings:

  • Great culture and good leadership
  • Wonderful people and things are working well
  • New Agents-= important investments
  • First steps into the Swedish market
  • New cool company website and fresh look
  • Awesome client stories
  • Inspiring goals and clear plans
  • Important investments into the people and business development: Ibiza sales seminar, High Voltage, Great Escape…
  • Sales budget exceeded
  • Best year -All time high in revenue
  • Substantial growth and development in Key Accounts and Top 10 clients
  • Still strong in new business acquisition - 42 new clients
  • Client -and consultant satisfaction at a strong level

This year has started with positive vibes and we expect many adventures along with important success stories together with our clients. We have also been blessed with a few new stars so far this year: 

Welcome Layla and Minni!

Layla & Minni

Our Clients gave us great feedback, some examples below:


”Partnering with Finitec is easy, smooth, proactive, precise and fast. Finitec is able to supply for example Project Managers with critical business substance from CRM –and integration as well as e-commerce, among other things. The combination between business substance and program management in the same person is very uncommon and yet, critical in executing a successful project. The service provided by Finitec is to-the-point and flexible. It has been easy to be a client when all you have to do is pick out the best from the very best. If and when needed, Finitec also comes with fast problem solving skills in a way that demonstrates true understanding of the client’s concerns. This also is very uncommon. Finitec delivers!”

Jukka Holm
VP, Business IT Solutions and Architecture
Posti Group Corporation


”Finitec had a very professional approach from day one. We have a good and open dialogue and Finitec always keep all their commitments. In the Account Management and day-to-day communication I can trust that I get personal service by one specific person who understands my needs and concerns.”

Leanne Whittle
HR Director
IPF Digital


”We chose Finitec out of many candidates because they were enthusiastic and understood clearly what it was, we were looking for. Effective, straight forward quality and reliable are words that well describe Finitec. It has been easy and smooth to work with Finitec since the people are nice and we have always received what we’ve wanted, perhaps a little extra as well.”

Henrik Weckström


”Finitec has been a good local provider for us. Their ability to deliver many challenging competencies is at a high level. Making a sourcing strategy with Finitec has been smooth and easy because the people at Finitec can focus on the right things also in contract negotiations. Nice, well behaving and reliable are also good words to describe the people at Finitec”.

Jouni Laiho
Director, Digital Application Services, ICT and Security


”We have used a variety of suppliers and partners and understanding our needs is of vital importance in a long term partnership. Finitec has succeeded well in this area and thus, we have received quality and the right competencies even in the most challenging assignments. Working with the Finitec people has been nice and they have always honored every commitment we’ve made. We appreciate also that our contact person has remained the same throughout the entire partnership. These are things that are not common!”

Ville Rissanen
IT Director


”The key advantage for Finitec from the client’s side is that you get everything from one place. We have used Finitec in challenging IT projects and the co-operation has been easy, flexible and of high quality. The service model is to-the-point and saves time for the client. Very nice people who are able stick to what has been agreed.”

Jouni Juutinen


”Fast, competent and smooth cooperation are words that first come to mind when thinking about Finitec. We typically have very challenging projects and need the best available talent. Finitec has served us well. Finitec has a strong delivery capacity in all areas of IT which does not limit to any specific technology or competence. This is a major differentiator compared to other suppliers in the business. Working with Finitec is also fun and really smooth.”

Jarmo Kärkkäinen
Head of Architecture


”I use Finitec for example when I need top-notch UX design or Concept design competencies. Finitec has delivered the right competencies every time. It is also easy to buy service from Finitec because you get basically all competencies within IT with the right experience. Working with Finitec has been smooth and to-the-point. We have been able to arrange face-to-face workshops in a flexible way. Finitec is able to keep all commitments and has good on-sight availability.”

Marko Ojaluoma
Manager, Software Development, Cash Management


”I have used Finitec to find the best talent to complete challenging projects. The best parts of Finitec are especially the broad competencies and proactive service. In addition to this the people are nice and stick to what has been agreed.”

Samuli Seppälä
Head of Release Management and Development


”Broad top-notch competencies and cost effective pricing are clearly the advantages that Finitec possesses when compared to other players in the business. I appreciate that we get to influence in choosing the talent delivered to us in all parts of the process. All commitments have been delivered in a prompt way. We were able to get an outstanding Project Management professional, a true key player, who takes care of things in a proactive way, without any micromanaging. Many thanks!”

Marko Paassilta
Manager, IT Infrastructure Services


 Finitec Q1 2017

Safety, love, humanity, tolerance, empathy, joy and trust!


Here are some important core words we have experienced this year in Finitec in a spectacular way.

In the last few days we have heard terrifying news from the world which cause terrible fear and now more than ever, we need the support and love from each other.

Christmas time is a joy for children, families and love, and this year like many years before, the Finitec elves were personally visiting HUS Children's Hospital to wish a Merry Christmas and a safe New Year to all the brave little ones.

Finitec Christmas 2016

Merry Christmas & Let Love Rule!


A super cool return back to business!


As usual, here is our quarterly update. As good as always. 

  • Revenue growth steady approx +10% for the first half and Q2
  • Strong sales work with 24 new clients acquired in the first half and 11 in Q2
  • Going as planned
  • Super cool trip to Ibiza in August 2016 - warmly recommended :)

New talent hired!

Ms. Heidi Rajala has been appointed Recruitment Agent starting 16.8.2016. Heidi is already familiar with the IT recruitment business and brings valuable knowledge to the team.

Ms. Noora Heikkinen has been appointed Recruitment Agent starting 16.8.2016. Noora comes outside the business and brings good out-of-the-box thinking to the team.

Outlook for the 2nd half:

  • High Activity resulted record breaking results and will boost great sales in Q3/Q4
  • Further investments are being planned and executed
  • End of the year looks positive - as previously estimated

We look forward to the autumn with these two new and our old superstars!

Finitec trip to Ibiza August 2016

Finitec Q1 – Simply Amazing


Here we go again....WhoopWhoop!

  • Revenue growth as targeted +10%
  • New and fast growing key accounts identified
  • New business and proactive sales work better than ever with 13 new clients
  • Strategic plans and investments being made right now, more news later on…

Outlook Q2:

  • Revenue growth expected to be on target
  • High Activity May boosted plenty of meetings and new client requests
  • High Voltage was a big success, warm thanks to Björn Suomivuori band, Nora Alavuo and Lotta Hurskainen from Red Events
  • Good vibes

We want to thank all our clients and business partners for an amazing year so far!

Have a great and sunny summer!

Team Finitec

Finitec High Voltage VII

Bjorn, the newest star of Finitec

2015 - Adventure of a lifetime!


Finitec continued to strengthen its position as the number one IT agency in the market. Our personal and proactive service as well as the delivered business value for our clients are both established trademarks for Finitec. We received compliments also for our fast, reliable and objective service as well as competitive rates.   

Here are some of the highlights from 2015:

  • Revenue growth nearly +20%
  • Ahead of schedule in implementing an ambitious and challenging strategic plan
  • Amazing sales work with 44 new clients acquired
  • New innovative methods developed to attract new clients
  • New brilliant people hired
  • Approx 170 talented architects of change working in various challenging client assignments
  • Client satisfaction survey showing strong results - clearly more than 90% of all clients are willing to recommend Finitec
  • Consultant and candidate satisfaction surveys show even betterresults - nearly 100% of all consultant and candidates are willing to recommend Finitec
  • Brand new and super cool offices
  • Successful sales seminar in Marbella
  • Important donations made again to the Children’s hospital

Many thanks to all our business partners for sharing this great year with us.

We continue to have an elevating view into 2016 with a Head Full of Dreams!

Finitec year 2015 recap

Finitec wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a truly elevating New Year 2016!


We want to wish a Merry Christmas and an amazing New Year to all the Children in the World as well as all our clients and business partners.

This year was a year of many adventures and victories and we are truly grateful for the good fortune we’ve had.

We wanted to continue our good cooperation with the HUS Children’s Hospital and visited the brave children at department K3 in person to wish them all a Merry Christmas and plenty of positive strength.

Let’s all be good and kind!


Finitec Family

Merry Christmas 2015 

Getting ready for the busiest time of the year!


The busiest time of the whole year is beginning soon, in fact the second half of the year will be the best and strongest in the Finitec history. We are very proud and grateful for the good results we have accomplished together with our fantastic team, clients and business partners.

Highlights Q3:

  • New Q3 revenue record
  • Revenue growth +16%
  • Q3 sales budget exceeded
  • Promising new clients acquired, 9 in total
  • Best ever results from our client and consultant satisfaction survey, average for Finitec service 4,5 on a scale of 1-5.
  • High Activity September boosted a strong pipe line for Q4
  • Finitec people working hard and in a smart way - happy team!

Outlook Q4:

  • Revenue growth continues as estimated
  • Christmas arrangements starting to take place and Finitec continues to support Children's well-being also this year (more about this later on…)
  • Many Christmas parties…

We are also happy to make the following nomination:

  • Mr. Björn Suomivuori has been nominated Recruitment Agent starting 7.1.2016


  • Growth continued as expected
  • 5 new projects started
  • 1st global project delivered
  • 7 new Wunderdogs hired 
  • The pack grew to total of 25 during Q3 and new ones are joining during Q4

We wish you all a great ending of the year!

The Finitec family

Finitec Santa 2015

Elevating start after summer!


An elevating return back to business after summer with charged batteries and a strong pipe line. August will in fact be record breaking and the outlook for the 2nd half seems very positive, despite all the uncertainties the economy is currently facing.

Highlights Q2:

  • Revenue growth +15%
  • New business even better than normal with 15 new clients acquired
  • The number of customer assignments is pointing to the north
  • High Voltage was super energetic (as pictured below) 

Outlook Q3:

  • High Activity in September will boost sales results and pipe line
  • Revenue growth continues as estimated
  • Plenty of talent available now on the market
  • A new office in the center of Helsinki
  • We start hiring new Recruitment Agents soon…
  • Elevation!


  • Revenue growing as estimated
  • 4 new clients acquired
  • 6 new Wunder -consultants hired
  • A new office in the center of Helsinki
  • One year birthday party in Berlin in September
  • Wuff!

Finitec High Voltage 2015

Finitec Q1 –Best ever, again!


First quarter results were dynamite and in fact the best ever, again. This gives us great confidence in making great future plans and clever investments also in the future.

Highlights of Q1:

  • Revenue growth on target +15%
  • Key accounts strategy in progress with 3 new key accounts
  • New business strong as always with 11 new clients
  • Good times

 Outlook Q2:

  • Revenue growth expected to continue on target
  • High Activity May and Power Selling boosting good sales results
  • High Voltage coming in June

Wunderdog update:

  • Revenue on target
  • Strong sales work with 5 new clients
  • A clear and well defined personnel strategy attracts great software talent - 6 new consultants started in Q1
  • Brand new office starting Q3
  • Good times

Finitec Team @ Marbella 2015

Finitec Team @ Marbella 2015

Wunderdog Team 2015

We wish everyone a great spring!

Team Finitec and Wunderdog

2014 the strongest year ever!


Finitec is happy and proud to announce that 2014 was our best year ever! Not only did our revenues grow but we managed to further diversify, grow and strengthen our customer base.

We did all this in a highly profitable and balanced manner. The market now clearly perceives Finitec as the Number One IT Agency. Known for representing the best, most experienced IT professionals and people in the business.

Here are some of the highlights from 2014:

  • Revenue growth +20%
  • Great new clients acquired, 35 in total
  • More than 150 high end IT professionals working as architects of change in industry leading companies
  • New key accounts generated through a well defined and well executed key account strategy
  • Internal competences strengthened through sharpening the saw in relevant areas such as sales, service production and an even more effective company culture
  • Cooperation with our new partners Barona and Reaktor kicked off well
  • Our new subsidiary Wunderdog is challenging the digital scene with 15 experienced software professionals(more news below)

We are also happy to make the following nominations:

  • Ms. Leena Katajainen has been nominated Sales Manager starting 1.1.2015
  • Ms. Anni Uppala has been nominated Accounting and Quality Officer starting 1.1.2015
  • Mr. Mika Viskari has been nominated Managing Director of Wunderdog

We have an extremely positive outlook for the future and we are aiming to make 2015 even better than 2014.

Wunderdog Oy established in 2014 and evolving fast…

2014 will always be a significant year for Wunderdog being that it was our founding year. The company kicked-off with a spectacular crew of highly motivated, passionate and experienced individuals all working toward the common goal of creating a software development company, which cares above all about the quality of the work they do. For us, just as for any new company, the early days are challenging and essential in creating a solid foundation for the future. Which is why every new client project acquired was a major win for us. During the course of the Autumn our projects with well-known clients took off and our newly formed Wunderdog family grew by several accomplished professionals, who will help shape Wunderdog into the company that we strive to be.

Here are a few of our highlights from 2014:

  • Founding of Wunderdog Oy in May
  • Operations started in August
  • Renovation and completion of our first office adjacent to Finitec on Annankatu
  • Our joint Wunderdog Team Day and first-ever pre-Christmas party in mid-November

Overall, 2014 proved to be a great year to start building a strong foundation for the company, ensuring the right building blocks for our future growth and development. 2015 will see Wunderdog continue to mould its own company culture and expand in size by hiring like-minded professionals, as well as establish a strong brand presence within the industry and make an imprint on it. Like 2014, this year will be a year of many firsts for us with our main focus on striving for growth and excellence!

Finitec 2014

Finitec 2014

Finitec 2014

Finitec 2014

Wunderdog 2014

We wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015


We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a sparkly New Year with plenty of success, good times and love!

We want to thank all our business partners for a splendid year and we look forward to being positive, supportive and proactive also next year.

Here are a few greetings from us and the brave patients at The HUS Children's Hospital pediatric ward K3.

Finitec Christmas 2014 HUS

A short Q3 update!


Even though the autumn kicked off a little later this year, Finitec managed to accomplish a truly record breaking Q3. This Quarter was Finitec’s best Quarter of all time!


  • Revenue growth +27%
  • 9 new clients acquired

Outlook for Q4:

  • Revenue growth will continue favorably
  • Intensified sales efforts for Q4 and 2015 in order to deliver further growth at an increased pace

 To support our great sales performance we are happy to make the following nomination:

  • Ms. Leena Katajainen has been nominated Sales Manager starting 1.1.2015. Leena has been working as a Recruitment Agent for Finitec since 2012 and is a full cycle recruitment professional. Leena is sure to bring even more power to our sales team! 


First half loaded with action and Q2 strongest quarter ever!


Finitec was experiencing great feelings of success as well as fun and action. New strategic partnerships took off in a promising way leading to a super strong Q2 including a new subsidiary, Wunderdog.

Highlights of Q2:

  • Revenue growth +32%
  • Key Accounts Strategy showing solid results, growth +21%
  • Proactive sales work also in the new business area, 13 new clients acquired
  • Wonderful summer gave us plenty of energy to boom also in the second half of the year

Outlook Q3 & Q4:

  • Revenue growth will continue, with a little slower speed than in the first half but substantially stronger than the market in general
  • The next 6-8 weeks are very important for the whole year’s results

Wunderdog kicked off successfully:


Wunderdog was born out of a desire to be different. We have Challenger DNA, we are here to challenge the status quo, to challenge current thoughts on development and architecture and above all to always deliver the right solutions for our Client. Wunderdog's goal is to help our customers create customized digital services that add the maximum amount of value.

Wunderdog developers have been carefully selected based upon their unique talents, strong reputations and proven track records in delivering high-quality software. They are truly passionate about delivering beautiful, quality code and achieve that by working the right way. At Wunderdog we use “for real” Agile methodology. Our developers really love what they do and are always on the cutting edge, eager to learn more. 

We are a creative and agile partner with a focus on full stack development especially in JVM-based technology. Wunderdog delivers high quality code, coaching and performance audit services. Our focus is not only on the technology, we also want to understand both the business logic and that of the end users. This allows us to deliver the best possible solution in each and every case we work on.   

These are our core services:

  • Architecture and technology choices that bring more value - we love to challenge the architecture
  • System optimization
  • New business concepts and software development - new pilot projects together with our clients
  • Project management

 Our motto: "Software development with Love. Because we care about the end result.”

Plese visit: 

Have a great autumn!

Finitec and Wunderdog

Finitec @ Suomenlinna 2014

Finitec Q1 –A Wonderful Quarter


First quarter results and onwards have been super strong and in addition to the normal quarterly update, we have some very significant news to report.

Highlights of Q1:

  • Revenue goal exceeded with +24% revenue growth
  • Key Accounts strategy well executed with +17% growth
  • New business continues strongly as always with 12 new clients
  • Positive spirit and fun times!

Outlook for Q2:

  • Revenue growth expected to continue
  • Less fluctuation in quarterly results than previously

New strategic partners starting 1.6.2014:

It is our pleasure to announce that two significant and leading industry players are joining forces with Finitec; Barona Oy and Reaktor Innovations Oy.
A contract signed on 1.6.2014 makes Barona Group Oy and Reaktor Innovations Oy stakeholders of Finitec Oy and together they own 60% of the company’s shares. Finitec’s founder and CEO Pekka Hackspik and Senior Advisor Taavi Thiel retain the company leadership and own the remaining 40% of Finitec.

After this ownership arrangement Finitec will continue to implement their strategy as an independent IT-sector agency under current leadership and personnel. We have rapidly become Finland’s leading independent ICT specialist supplier. Due to our genuinely client-oriented and proactive approach, demand for our services has been steadily rising, and will likely continue to grow in the years to come. Our clients today are more discerning as buyers and top-of-the-line know-how is in demand. For the independent specialists, we work as their agency, and our mission is to provide them with interesting projects and continuity, summarizes Finitec’s CEO Pekka Hackspik.

The new ownership assists us in supporting Finitec’s growth and implementation of their strategy. The partnership allows us to use our shared synergies to create even more value for our customers, states the CEO of Barona Group, Markus Oksa.

According to Reaktor’s CEO Vesa Lauronen they had been looking for a trusted partner whose competence could be utilized in their projects when required. In addition, Finitec’s people have already created a great story and we see a lot of growth potential in the company, Lauronen continues.

Pekka Hackspik, CEO, Finitec Oy ( / +358 500 767072)
Markus Oksa, CEO, Barona Group Oy ( / +358 40 585 6619)
Vesa Lauronen, CEO, Reaktor Innovations Oy ( / +358 45 670 9700)

Finitec is Finland’s largest IT Contract Recruitment Agency, specialized in connecting the very best IT professionals and companies. We represent tip of the spear IT talent and help transform their expertise and knowledge into real business results and value for our Clients. Whether you need top professionals to join your team on a permanent basis or to help on a shorter term contract basis, we deliver.

Barona’s business portfolio includes Barona HR Services, Barona Solutions outsourcing services, Forenom accommodation services and Momentous executive search service. Annually we recruit about 10,000 professionals in Finland in the fields of office, IT, logistics, industry, construction, financial management, sales and marketing, customer service and health and social care services on both temporary and permanent basis. We are the largest company in the HR services industry in Finland.

Reaktor is a creative technology company that constructs exceptionally well-functioning services. Reaktor’s team of 280 professionals consists of service designers, interaction designers, art directors, software architects, developers and coaches. Our offices are located in Helsinki, Finland and Tokyo, Japan. We strive to be the best software company in the world.

2013 – More new business than ever before!


Finitec experienced both very positive and also somewhat negative news last year. On one hand new business and number of new requests were the strongest they have ever been, but on the other hand the number of ending contracts was higher than ever before. This was due to extremely tough local marketplace challenges. However we continued to make sharp observations and revised our plans when needed. As a result we finished the year on a high with a fantastic outlook for 2014!

Here are some of the highlights from 2013:

  • More new clients acquired than ever before, 38 in total
  • More new business and requests received than ever before
  • Number of requests started to grow again in Q4 for the first time since 2010
  • Positive development in the revenues starting Q4
  • Substantial investments made to build a Key Account Strategy
  • Substantial investments made to keep high customer and consultant satisfaction and to strengthen relationships
  • Substantial investments made to build internal co operation and effectiveness
  • New Partnerships formed with Key Industry players
  • A wireless broadband network and a completely renovated and decorated play room installed to the Children’s Hospital

We continue with our intensified sales efforts and thus are happy to make the following nominations:

  • Mr. Magnus Lindfors has been nominated Recruitment Agent starting 1.2.2014
  • Ms. Anni Uppala has been nominated HR and Finance Coordinator starting 11.2.2014

In addition to these highlights and nominations we are also proud to share that Mr. William Scharf became a first time father to baby Franklin J

Overall, we see 2013 as having been a very important year for Finitec in terms of building an even stronger foundation for our future growth and development.




New Year, New People, New Nominations = Enthusiasm!


  • Juha-Matti Kykkänen has been nominated Senior Sales Manager on January 7th 2014. Juha-Matti has extensive experience in Sales, Resourcing and Management. Juha-Matti's responsibilities will include strengthening our current Client relationships as well as working with new clients and resourcing.
  • Roope Salonen has been nominated Sales Manager on January 7th 2014. Roope has several years experience in the IT Business. Roope's responsibilities will include strengthening our current Client relationships as well as working with new clients and resourcing.
  • Ann-Sofia Bengtsson has been nominated HR Manager on January 10th 2014 until Anna Eronen returns from Maternity leave. Ann-Sofia will also continue with her role as Recruitment Agent.
  • Minna Peltola has been nominated Senior Sales Manager on January 1st 2014. 
  • Nora Alavuo has been nominated Sales Manager on January 1st 2014, Nora will also temporarily continue to perform Recruitment Agent duties.

Finitec team wishes you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2014!


Ho, Ho, Ho...everyone!

Soon it's Christmas again and we decided to stick with our tradition with the Children and Lastenklinikka.

Here you can watch the Finitec Elves in action

Wishing you a Great Christmas and an awesome New Year!

Finitec team

Change of ownership, all KPI’s indicate growth and 2014 looks super cool!


The Acting Management of Finitec Oy; Pekka Hackspik, Managing Director and Taavi Thiel, Senior Advisor have purchased all remaining shares of Finitec Oy from Citrus Oy as of November 15th 2013.  

“IT Contract Recruitment is a fast growing business with a highly interesting and promising future. We are extremely happy about this arrangement. Our clients, business partners and our own professional team gave us the final confidence to make this big investment decision.” 

We are also proud to announce that as of Q3 all Key Performance Indicators are pointing to the North and the business outlook for next year looks hot:

  • Growth in revenues expected
  • Growing number of assignments received
  • Growing number of interviews arranged
  • Growth in new sales
  • Improved hit rates
  • Number of new clients growing steady

All the best!

Finitec Team

Ann-Sofia Bengtsson has been nominated as Recruitment Agent to Finitec


Ms. Ann-Sofia Bengtsson has started as a Recruitment Agent at Finitec Oy on 1.10.2013.  Ann-Sofia will be supporting our sales team in resourcing related tasks.


Positive vibes despite the economic situation!


The first half of 2013 is now over and it turned out that the predictions of a further economic downturn were accurate. Despite all the depressing news that has been flying around Finitec continues to move forward and fight back! We have continued thinking long term and are investing in new talent.

We acquired 12 new clients during the second quarter and continued to gain market share. Our client base is stronger than ever before and the execution of our Key Account Strategy is progressing as planned.

Right now we are making plans and strategies to take us through this downturn and to build a strong organization with enhanced sales power to support our long term growth targets.

We are proud to make the following nominations:

  • Mrs. Sirpa Humppi has been nominated Partner, Director starting 1.9.2013. Sirpa continues to grow and develop Finitec’s SAP business as well as strategic Key Accounts in a Leadership role.
  • Ms. Nora Alavuo has been nominated Recruitment Agent starting 1.9.2013. Nora continues to support our sales team in resourcing related tasks and takes a more active role in client work.

Congrats ladies!!!


High Voltage IV coming up!


We are very happy announce that after the great success of High Voltage I, II and III…there will be High Voltage IV with: 



In addition to this we are happy to share that we have acquired 5 new clients and exceeded our sales budget in the first quarter. We continue our work to focus on the right clients and successfully execute our Key Account Strategy. We will continue investing in our clients, consultants and own personnel, as planned. We wish you all a great summer!


Finitec Crew 2013

2012 - Record Breaking Year in Every Way!


Finitec continues to move strongly along the path of success, growing and developing the business by acquiring both market share and new clients as well as making smart investments for the future.

Here are the highlights from 2012:

  • Solid revenue growth of +13% amounting to 13,1 MEUR
  • Total of 37 new clients acquired
  • Significant growth in SAP business and new talent hired
  • Permanent recruitment business growing fast and new talent hired
  • Smart Investments made in our public sector business, back office team and new office space
  • Continued development and investments made in own personnel as well as business partners
  • Regular customer and consultant satisfaction surveys prove our strong and unique value proposal
  • Promising framework agreements signed with new “hot international” ICT players in the Finnish market
  • Partnerships formed with key governmental and investment agencies in Finland

We are also proud to make the following nominations:

  • Mrs. Sirpa Humppi has been nominated Partner starting 1.1.2013. Sirpa continues to grow and develop Finitec’s SAP business as well as strategic Key Accounts.  
  • Mr. Jukka Kontro has been nominated Partner starting 1.1.2013. Jukka continues to grow and develop Finitec’s Public-Sector business as well as strategic Key Accounts.

Market conditions are still uncertain, however at Finitec we are used to bucking the trend and succeeding where others fail. The spirit and resolve at Finitec is strong and we will continue to make IT happen in 2013!


Finitec 2013

Finitec 2013

Finitec 2013

Finitec 2013

Finitec 2013

Finitec team wishes you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Ho Ho Ho!

This year we decided to shake things up and do something a little bit different. Open the link below, see the Christmas video greeting (homemade by the Finitec team) and find out more!

Link to Christmas card

Wishing you a Great Christmas and an awesome New Year!

Finitec team

Finitec continues with “above market growth” performance!


Market conditions continue to be challenging and growth requires more hard work than ever before. Finitec is proud however to announce the 11th consecutive growth quarter, with revenue growth of +12 % and the acquisition of five new clients.

The global economy is slowing down, that’s a fact.

In order to continue defying the market Finitec will:

  • Focus on the right clients
  • Continue with proactive sales work
  • Deliver excellent quality and results

The outlook for the year end and 2013 is positive, despite the harder market conditions.

Finitec continues to Rock’n’Roll with the best first half ever!!!


Despite the continuing challenges in the market; Finitec are happy to announce our best first half ever in terms of both revenue and profits. Revenue growth of 14 percent and 23 new clients prove that the chosen strategy and investment plan is being successfully executed. Detailed and regular surveys made to both clients and our professionals prove that our service is perceived as high quality and that we add significant value.

The local market is stable and Finitec has continued to grow at a faster rate than both the market and key competition.

The outlook for the second half of the year remains positive.

In September Finitec are excited to launch our new business unit, Permanent Recruitment Services, which will complement the Contract Recruitment Service by offering clients a new alternative pool of talent to choose from and making it even easier to partner with Finitec when it comes to finding IT superstars.

To support future growth Finitec continues to invest internally in new talent. The following nominations were made in September.

  • Mr Markus Prusi, Head of Permanent Recruitment

Markus has a strong background in IT related recruiting and resourcing. He has previously worked for Adecco Finland Oy where he was involved in Recruitment Process Outsourcing at a major IT Service provider. Markus is looking forward to bringing in his knowledge and experience to help grow and develop Finitec’s Permanent Recruitment Services so that they meet the highest expectations.

  • Mrs Sirpa Humppi, Head of Business Unit

Sirpa continues to run the SAP related business and will have a stronger focus on growing Finitec’s Contract Recruitment Services as well as train and develop new people in her team.

  • Ms Anna Eronen, HR Manager and Sales Manager, Permanent Recruitment

Anna continues as HR Manager and will start as a Sales Manager in the Permanent Recruitment Services.

  • Ms Leena Katajainen, Recruitment Agent

Leena is starting as Recruitment Agent. Leena has solid experience in HR related personal assessments as well as proactive customer service. Prior to Finitec she worked in Psycon Oy.

  • Ms Nora Alavuo, HR Assistant

 Nora starts as Recruitment assistant to support sales and resourcing. She comes with many years of experience in both domestic and international customer service as well as supporting administration, marketing and sales.

Mötley Crue and Finitec High Voltage III - a kick start to the summer!


On Thursday June the 7th, Rockin’ Hellsinki kicked off a great start to the summer! We had beautiful sunny, warm weather which helped take all Finitec’s IT Super Stars to the “wild side”. We started with a quick “pit stop” at On the Rocks and then continued on to the main event with quality VIP treatment in Kaisaniemi . Here we had great food, drinks and of course entertainment from Mötley Crue and the supporting acts. Many new discoveries and powerful experiences ensued, including testing out some awesome Harley Davidson Motorcycles, seeing Tommy Lee perform an epic drum solo whilst upside down on a rollercoaster, Dr. Feelgood and of course Girls, Girls, Girls. This really was an evening to remember and thanks to all those that joined us and took part for making it even greater!


Here you have the HIGH VOLTAGE III set list:

Wild Side
Live Wire
Too Fast for Love
Saints of Los Angeles
Shout at the Devil
Don\'t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)
Same Ol\' Situation (S.O.S.)
Looks That Kill
Piece of Your Action
Primal Scream
Smokin\' in the Boys\' Room
Dr. Feelgood
Girls, Girls, Girls
Home Sweet Home
Kickstart My Heart 


Finitec High Voltage III
Finitec High Voltage III
Finitec High Voltage III
Finitec High Voltage III
Finitec High Voltage III
Finitec High Voltage III
Finitec High Voltage III
Finitec High Voltage III
Finitec High Voltage III


Finitec wishes you all a fantastic summer and we hope to see you again next year for High Voltage IV!

Finitec continues to take market share… on the way to becoming the market leader!


Finitec continues to challenge both the market situation and key competition. We have had another strong quarter, with solid evidence that we are on the right track and focusing on the right things. Our crystallized value proposal, supported by proactive sales work and innovative client work continue to drive us towards our ultimate goal: To be the market leader.

A summary of our key accomplishments in the first quarter:

  • Revenue growth: +15%
  • Operating profit growth: +13%
  • New clients: 15

A new development program, customized to build a more effective organization was launched successfully in the first quarter.

Despite a more uncertain market situation, Finitec estimates a stable growth in both revenue and operating profit during the second quarter and the rest of the year. Investments in new business areas and personnel are being evaluated and implemented based on profitable growth plans.

Magnus Lindfors has been nominated as HR Coordinator to Finitec


Magnus Lindfors has been nominated as HR Coordinator to Finitec on February 21th. Magnus  has worked for a number of years in customer service. His job will be to support sales and finance team as well as the office IT and administration related tasks.

Finitec challenging the market… and competition!


2011 in brief

A record year with rapid growth and improvement in profitability. Strong value proposal delivering 32 new clients and new international markets are taking off.

2011 was a record year for Finitec with growth of 48% and a significant improvement in profitability of 89%. Finitec is in a solid growth phase and continue to challenge the market conditions as well as the competition. The local Finnish market conditions have changed during the year and only by leveraging more value to clients, is it possible to grow and operate profitably in the business. Finitec has been accepted into many new companies as a strategic partner to support business objectives and competitiveness by delivering tip-of-the-spear IT professionals. These architects of change have superior experience and track record and for this reason they are able to execute key strategies effectively and deliver desired business results. We are proud to announce that 94% of our clients and 100% of our IT professionals are willing to recommend us to others.

During 2011 Finitec continued to invest in developing the business by both internal and external training programs, public relations and other marketing activities such as international new client acquisition and hiring new talented sales people. In short, we have the most experienced team in the business!

The business outlook for 2012 continues to look strong and positive.  

Another strong and solid quarter for Finitec


Finitec continued to perform during challenging market conditions in the third quarter with a revenue growth of +45%.

Since the beginning of 2011 Finitec has acquired 19 new clients and revenue growth has been clearly faster than the market average and the local competition.

The market is changing and industry leading companies are beginning to realize the value that Finitec can offer with “tip-of-the-spear” IT consultants and the importance of in-depth customer business understanding.  Remarkable investments have been made in this area by developing the organization with efficient internal training programs. In addition to this, investments have been made in building the Finitec brand with long term PR –marketing activities and social events such as the Kaarina Marathon where Finitec was a co-organizer and key sponsor. Several hundred active runners took part in the event from all over Finland and abroad. Some highlights can be seen from the pics below:

Finitec has also invested in developing new Clients and exciting opportunities for IT Superstars outside of Finland, recently signing agreements with major companies in Norway and Sweden. Coupled with our existing links to Clients within Scandinavia and Europe we are able to offer our Consultants an even wider range of interesting projects in attractive locations!

During the spring Finitec was chosen as a partner for the Nokia Bridge program to help future entrepreneurs in finding their first clients, set up new companies and boost innovations. This will continue to crystallize the value of Finitec to industry leading local and international companies in their strategic IT development projects.    

Estimation for the fourth quarter and full year is strong and positive.

Finitec team in Kaarina Marathon 2011

Will running in Kaarina Marathon 2011

Finitec is strongly competitive!


Finitec continues to grow for the 6th consecutive quarter. We grew by 65% during the first half-year of 2011. The market has developed positively during the first half-year. Strong investments made in 2010 are showing results and Finitec is strongly competitive.

The instability on World financial market has not yet had any impact on Finitec. Full year estimation continues to look strong!

Finitec has been chosen as Hansel preferred supplier


Finitec has been chosen as a Hansel Preferred supplier during 1.8.2011 - 1.8.2015 in following categories:

a) program- and project management services
c) software development services

We thank all our partners and consultants who made us a winning team!
Have a great and sunny summer!

Hansel Puitesopimuskumppani 2011-2015

Finitec High Voltage -A Super success!


What can one expect on a normal Monday? Well, if you are a part of the Finitec family, you can expect Rock’n’Roll, good times and powerful experiences as always.

Many thanks to all of you who made our annual High Voltage –seminar a memorable event again. It was a great pleasure having you all sharing our principles and helping us out in clarifying our competitive edge as well as giving valuable input to our future journey together.

We were especially pleased about the colorful visions for High Voltage in 2012. Let’s see where we will meet.

We wish you all a great summer!


Finitec Crew @ High Voltage II   David Coverdale @ High Voltage II   Our newest Sales Team member Minna @ High Voltage II

Ps David Coverdale sent a message thanking us all for the great support we gave the band with our whistles

Minna Peltola has been nominated as Sales Manager to Finitec


Minna Peltola has been nominated as Sales Manager to Finitec on May 23rd, 2011. Minna has experience in managing client and specialist relations, experience in project work, resourcing and sales positions. Previously she has been working as a Client Responsible HR Consultant for Eilakaisla Oy.

IT-alan tähtien manageri kannustaa yrittäjäksi


Anthony Parker has been nominated as Partner Coordinator to Finitec


Anthony Parker has been nominated as Partner Coordinator to Finitec on January 24th, 2011. His job will be to support sales, resourcing and personal service with our IT freelancers.

Anthony holds a BA in communication Studies from the University of San Diego with an emphasis in Speech. He has experience in program coordination and management, recruitment, and performance assessment. Previously Anthony has been a Program Coordinator for the University of California San Diego.


Finitec is looking for a Growing star to join our team!


Junior Partner Coordinator

Finitec is a Finnish company specialized in providing external IT-resources for projects and businesses in Finland and the rest of Europe. We offer our clients a swift and reliable way of acquiring IT-contract workforce by combining the client’s IT project assignments with the right professionals objectively.

We are looking for a Growing Star who will support our sales team.

Your tasks include:

  • Marketing Finitec to both domestic and international IT consultants and convince them to join the Finitec Family
  • Marketing Finitec to new start-up IT companies and convince them to join the Finitec Family
  • Check references from international IT consultants together with our HR Coordinator
  • Support our sales team in both pre-sales and after sales related tasks
  • Support our Managing Director in contract related tasks
  • Summarize all activities in our CRM system
  • …Internship is also a possible way to start our journey together

We require:

  • A business degree (or ending studies in the near future)
  • Eagerness to become a sales professional in a winning team
  • Fluency in written and spoken English
  • Basic understanding of proactive B-to-B sales
  • Willingness to learn the IT business and understanding the business benefits of social media
  • Winning attitude, ambition and loads of personality

Our offer:

  • A chance to join the best sales organization in the country, during an exciting period of sustained growth in the market
  • A great platform to an international career
  • A multitalented team used to winning and celebrating successes together
  • Superior sales training to sustain and develop your skills as well as clear operational processes
  • Possibilities to grow and advance, based on merits
  • A reasonable amount of Rock’n’Roll to support good results and an office in the heart of Helsinki

For further information, please contact Pekka Hackspik on December 7th or 10th, at 13.30-15.00, tel. +358 500 767 072.

Please send your CV and application no later than 13th December to We will contact all the candidates during week 50.

Final quarter and record breaking year 2010!


Finitec continues full blast towards the final quarter of the year powered by the high number of new job requests / assignments received from clients during quarter three. Investments in international business and SAP Business have been well received from clients and   Finitec  continues to invest in talented professional personnel by hiring another new Sales Manager, Mrs Pia Klemi:

Pia Klemi has been nominated as Sales Manager to Finitec on October 4th, 2010. Pia has experience in project work, resourcing and sales positions. Previously she has been working as a Business Coordinator for eWork Nordic Oy.

The key to these successful investments and the positive development during the whole year has been the strong culture and the Finitec principles:



We focus on results and make decisions based on facts. We get compensated based on results and merits.


2.       FUN & ROCK

We believe that it’s vital to have fun in life and at work. Good performance is catalyzed by a ROCK attitude.


3.       TRUST & LOYALTY

Our team is built on trust, loyalty and respect and it is our motto to treat people as we would like to  be treated our selves.


4.       WIN-WIN-WIN

We make deals where our partners, clients and team wins.



We believe in immediate action, discipline and “always be closing”.


The whole Finitec team is very excited and looking forward to making a record breaking year in 2010 following these key principles.


If you are interested in updating your CV, please visit:

If you want to receive our latest job opportunities, please visit:

If you are interested in following us on twitter, please visit:

Pia Klemi has been nominated as Sales Manager to Finitec


Pia Klemi has been nominated as Sales Manager to Finitec on October 4th, 2010.

Pia has experience in project work, resourcing and sales positions.

Previously she has been working as a Business Coordinator for eWork Nordic Oy.

Finitec attends SAP Finug Seminar at Dipoli on 27th of October, 2010


Finitec attends SAP Finug seminar at Dipoli on 27th of October, 2010. We are glad to welcome you to visit our stand. You can set up a meeting beforehand with SAP Business Manager Sirpa Humppi.

Come and have a chat, take a poll and win fantastic prices. We will also offer the 50 first visitors a  Sami Hedberg -show at Apollo Stand Up 4.11.2010.

Our stand is open from 11 to 19. Welcome!

For additional information, please contact:

Sirpa Humppi, SAP Business Manager

tel +358 (0)50 5658855


Elise Idman nominated as Finance Manager in Finitec


Elise Idman has been nominated as Finance Manager to Finitec. Elise has a strong financial background and previous to joining Finitec, she has worked as Office Manager and Business Manager at A-Profit Oy.

Finitec continues with high speed


Firstly we would like to thank all of our clients and partners for helping us to achieve a very successful second quarter. Through our strengthened collaboration and strategic investments, we continue to move onwards and upwards with positive development and growth across the board. We can now clearly feel a shift in the market place towards a sustainable growth phase. Not only in new customer assignments and requests but also in offer base and order intake. This enables us to continue investing in the business to secure our long term strategic goals.

Recently we hired two experienced professionals to strengthen our team:

William Scharf has been nominated as International Sales Manager to Finitec. William will be in charge of developing the international business of Finitec with both strengthening sales to existing clients and new clients.   Previous to joining Finitec, William Scharf has had experience working in both International and Domestic Markets in Management, Marketing, Communications and Sales roles, based in both the UK and Finland. William is British and possesses a BA (Joint Honours) In Marketing and Business Administration. He has worked within the HR, IT, Automotive and Architectural Industries. William’s last position was as consultant at BTS Interactive where he was in charge of selling discovery based learning solutions internationally.

Sirpa Humppi has joined Finitec on August 16th, 2010 as a SAP Business Manager. Sirpa has a long and versatile IT Sector experience in sales, resourcing and managerial positions. She has previously been working as a SAP Competence Manager for eWork Nordic Oy.

Finitec are also proud to announce that we are ISO 9001 certified as of May. Many thanks to all the people that participated in the project and worked very hard towards achieving this goal. Quality has always been a key pillar of the Finitec business.

Finally, we would like to encourage you as our business partner to please get in touch with us. Whether it could be with a new business idea, networking possibilities or simply just to update your CV. We believe that open and honest communications leads to successful paths. We have increased our presence in social media and are now actively publishing new vacancies via our twitter account. Please start following us at:

The whole Finitec team are eagerly looking forward to continuing on the path to make 2010 both a record breaking and memorable year!

We would like to wish you all a very happy, fun and successful Autumn and look forward to catching up soon.

Your Friends at Finitec

We had a great time on High Voltage Seminar 5.6.2010


It was a blast from the minute we entered the bus and continued to upscale all the time with Sami Hedberg’s show, the tough battle for leads and a nice easy-going afternoon. Finally when GN’R began, the Finitec Family was ready to welcome the band with our cool red “sweat bands” and loud applause.

High Voltage 2010

William Scharf nominated as International Sales Manager to Finitec.


William Scharf nominated as International Sales Manager to Finitec. William will be in charge of developing the international business of Finitec with both strengthening sales to existing clients and new clients.   

Previous to joining Finitec, William Scharf has had experience working in both International and Domestic Markets in Management, Marketing, Communications and Sales roles, based in both the UK and Finland. William is British and possesses a BA (Joint Honours) In Marketing and Business Administration. He has worked within the HR, IT, Automotive and Architectural Industries. William’s last position was as consultant at BTS Interactive where he was in charge of selling discovery based learning solutions internationally.

Sirpa Humppi will join Finitec on August 16th, 2010 as a SAP Business Manager.


Sirpa Humppi will join Finitec on August 16th, 2010 as a SAP Business Manager. Sirpa has a long and versatile IT Sector experience in sales, resourcing and managerial positions. She has previously been working as a SAP Competence Manager for eWork Nordic Oy.

Finitec is now ISO 9001 certified


Finitec receives ISO 9001 quality certification, which guarantees a reliable and customer focused service according to international standards.

Finitec ISO 9001 Certificate


Finitec launches new WWW –pages –growth strategy full in action!


Finitec shows strong growth in the first half. Our assignments are up +100% compared to the autumn average in 2009 and revenue is estimated to grow 50% during 2010. Our strong efforts to new sales and sales team have succeeded as estimated. As part of the growth strategy, we have also renewed our graphic “look and feel” and our new WWW –pages are launched today.


Ville Koiste has joined Finitec Oy as Sales Manager.


Ville joins Finitec from OP-Pohjola Group, where he worked as an Information specialist at OP-Pohjola Group Central Cooperative. Prior to that Ville has worked at Pohjola Asset Management Ltd and Helsinki OP Bank Plc. Ville’s main tasks include developing new clients, strengthening the existing client base, sales and resourcing.

Lauri Paalama has has joined Finitec Oy as Sales Manager.


Lauri Paalama has has joined Finitec Oy on January 25th, 2010 as a Sales Manager. Lauri has previously been working as a Sales Manager for Itella Customer Relationship Management Ltd. As Sales Manager, Lauri will be responsibe for new business, local and foreign market strengthening and in particular manufacturing industry.

Jukka Kontro joined Finitec Oy


Jukka Kontro has joined Finitec Oy on January 4th, 2010 as a Sales Manager. Jukka joins Finitec from eWork Nordic Oy, where Jukka worked as a Key Account Manager. Prior to that Jukka has worked in sales- and recruitment at Adecco Finland Oy. Jukka’s main tasks include strengthening the existing client base, sales and resourcing.

Sales Director Taavi Thiel starts in Finitec


Sales Director Taavi Thiel starts in Finitec. His tasks include: building a strong sales organization, strengthen the existing client relationships and focus in new clients. Taavi has a long background in business training service management, building new sales organizations and experience in leading domestic and international b-2-b sales.

Finitec has moved to new premises


Finitec has moved to new premises. The address is Annankatu 27, 5th foor.

New Telephone numbers coming 21.9.2009


Finitec Oy is moving to new office space, and we will have new phone numbers starting 21.9.2009. The new numbers are: Phone: +358 108416100 Fax: +358 108416200 Direct Numbers: Pekka Hackspik: +358 108416101 Tiina Tiitto: +358 108416103 Janne Oravisto: +358 108416104 Our existing mobile numbers will remain the same!

Finitec is the fastest growing IT-service company in Finland


Finitec Tietoviikko -managazine has listed the 250 biggest IT companies in Finland. In that list Finitec is the fastest growing IT-service company. Our position in the main list was 166. For more infromation, please see Tivi 250 list.

Finitec doubled its turnover in 2008


Finitec's strong growth continues. Our turnover for year 2008 was 7,5 Million Euros. We managed to get several new customerships, grow our market share and expanded our contractor network.

Finitec announces the winners of autumn marketing campaign


The winner of 500€ travel gift card is Ms. Pipsa Ylä-Mononen.
Also each of nineteen Delicard winners have been notified personally.
Finitec congratulates all the lucky winners!

Finitec has nominate two now Sales Managers


Finitec has nominate two now Sales Managers, Mr. Daniel Hildén and Mr. Janne Oravisto.

Daniel Hildén previously worked in Itella CRMarketing, where he was responsible of creating new business relationships. Before Itella he has worked in DELL BV in Amsterdam and GE-Healthcare international.

Janne Oravisto has previously worked in project management and sales positions in fields of ITC, Media and Entertainment.

Both gentlemen will be responsible of strengthening Finitec's domestic services and creating new business relationships in Finland and other countries.

Finitec triples its turnover


Finitec's strong growth continues. Our turnover for year 2007 was 3,8 Million Euros, and we managed to get several new significant customerships. Over 70 consultants were simultaneously working in our projects in the end of the year.
Finitec also welcomes a new member in our team: Matteus Degerman. His responsibilities will include sales, resourcing and managing customer accounts.

Finitec kicks off the January marketing campaign


Finitec launches poker-influenced marketing campaing, have a look: Finitec Campaign

Finitec etsii vahvistusta myyntitiimiinsä


Finitec Oy vahvistaa alkuvuodesta myyntitiimiään kahdella uudella henkilöllä.
Odotamme sinulta: nälkäistä asennetta, halua tehdä kauppaa, tuloshakuisuutta, tavoitteellisuutta, ja oma-aloitteisuutta.
Tarjoamme: mielenkiintoisen ja haastavan työn, pienen talon joustavuuden, suuren yrityksen henkilöstöedut, kilpailukykyisen palkkauksen mukavimmat työkaverit, osaavan organisaation tuen ja parhaat työvälineet.
Tehtäväsi ovat: Uusasiakashankinta, tuntikonsultoinnin myynti asiakkaalle (sekä puhelinmyynti että asiakaskäynnit), asiakkuuksien hoito ja ylläpito sekä toimeksiantojen resurssointi.
Hyötyä on: aikaisemmasta myyntikokemuksesta, hyvistä kontakteista IT-alalla, englannin kielen taidosta.
Tunnistitko tästä itsesi? Ota Yhteyttä Pekka Hackspikiin: kts. yhteystiedot

Finitec spring sales begin


Finitec started a marketing campaign on the 24th of April. Please contact us and find out more about our extra special offer: our contact details

The campaing ends 31.5.2007

New Finitec Website is online


Our webpage has been renewed. IT-professionals can now subscribe information about open vacancies by email. We also offer a new service, newsletter containing information about available consultants, for our clients.

Our HRM-specialist has been certified


The Finnish Psychological Association has certified our HRM-specialist, partner Saku Kurvinen as Human Resource assessment professional.