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Does your company need extra sales power? Are you looking for suitable projects for your employees? We want to hear from you! Finitec operates as your external sales organization. Instead of recruiting and training more sales people, see how efficient it is to outsource your sales work to us. 

By joining our network you will achieve the following benefits:

  • Access to Finitec’s extensive client base, which includes the most significant companies and interesting start-ups on an international level.
  • Highly competitive hourly rates.
  • Flexible invoicing according on your needs: you will always be paid in time, regardless of End clients’ payment terms.
  • Easy contract negotiations
  • We operate a recruitment ban with our clients. You don’t need worry about your employees - they are safe and protected.
  • Finitec has its "fingers on the pulse" in the Finnish IT market. We will help you in your recruitment process by advising which skills are most likely needed in the future. We will also introduce you to highly talented people looking to work for you.
  • The most efficient and proactive team representing your employees. With us, you get first-class treatment and personal service!

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