”Partnering with Finitec is easy, smooth, proactive, precise and fast. Finitec is able to supply for example Project Managers with critical business substance from CRM –and integration as well as e-commerce, among other things. The combination between business substance and program management in the same person is very uncommon and yet, critical in executing a successful project. The service provided by Finitec is to-the-point and flexible. It has been easy to be a client when all you have to do is pick out the best from the very best. If and when needed, Finitec also comes with fast problem solving skills in a way that demonstrates true understanding of the client’s concerns. This also is very uncommon. Finitec delivers!”

Jukka Holm
VP, Business IT Solutions and Architecture
Posti Group Corporation

”Finitec had a very professional approach from day one. We have a good and open dialogue and Finitec always keep all their commitments. In the Account Management and day-to-day communication I can trust that I get personal service by one specific person who understands my needs and concerns.”

Leanne Whittle
HR Director
IPF Digital

”We chose Finitec out of many candidates because they were enthusiastic and understood clearly what it was, we were looking for. Effective, straight forward quality and reliable are words that well describe Finitec. It has been easy and smooth to work with Finitec since the people are nice and we have always received what we’ve wanted, perhaps a little extra as well.”

Henrik Weckström

”Finitec has been a good local provider for us. Their ability to deliver many challenging competencies is at a high level. Making a sourcing strategy with Finitec has been smooth and easy because the people at Finitec can focus on the right things also in contract negotiations. Nice, well behaving and reliable are also good words to describe the people at Finitec”.

Jouni Laiho
Director, Digital Application Services, ICT and Security

”We have used a variety of suppliers and partners and understanding our needs is of vital importance in a long term partnership. Finitec has succeeded well in this area and thus, we have received quality and the right competencies even in the most challenging assignments. Working with the Finitec people has been nice and they have always honored every commitment we’ve made. We appreciate also that our contact person has remained the same throughout the entire partnership. These are things that are not common!”

Ville Rissanen
IT Director

”The key advantage for Finitec from the client’s side is that you get everything from one place. We have used Finitec in challenging IT projects and the co-operation has been easy, flexible and of high quality. The service model is to-the-point and saves time for the client. Very nice people who are able stick to what has been agreed.”

Jouni Juutinen

”Fast, competent and smooth cooperation are words that first come to mind when thinking about Finitec. We typically have very challenging projects and need the best available talent. Finitec has served us well. Finitec has a strong delivery capacity in all areas of IT which does not limit to any specific technology or competence. This is a major differentiator compared to other suppliers in the business. Working with Finitec is also fun and really smooth.”

Jarmo Kärkkäinen
Head of Architecture

”I use Finitec for example when I need top-notch UX design or Concept design competencies. Finitec has delivered the right competencies every time. It is also easy to buy service from Finitec because you get basically all competencies within IT with the right experience. Working with Finitec has been smooth and to-the-point. We have been able to arrange face-to-face workshops in a flexible way. Finitec is able to keep all commitments and has good on-sight availability.”

Marko Ojaluoma
Manager, Software Development, Cash Management

”I have used Finitec to find the best talent to complete challenging projects. The best parts of Finitec are especially the broad competencies and proactive service. In addition to this the people are nice and stick to what has been agreed.”

Samuli Seppälä
Head of Release Management and Development

”Broad top-notch competencies and cost effective pricing are clearly the advantages that Finitec possesses when compared to other players in the business. I appreciate that we get to influence in choosing the talent delivered to us in all parts of the process. All commitments have been delivered in a prompt way. We were able to get an outstanding Project Management professional, a true key player, who takes care of things in a proactive way, without any micromanaging. Many thanks!”

Marko Paassilta
Manager, IT Infrastructure Services