Product Owner

I'm looking for Product Owner (programmatic DSP) for my client's team. The starting is as soon as possible (but your summer vacations will be taken into account). 

You will have full budget responsibility. You are expected to increase and shift the traditional revenue strongly towards programmatic buying. You will increase the data usage and co-operate with internal and external stakeholders. 

Your responsibilities include:

  • Product plan and road-map
  • Target for Programmatic buying is to pursue greater effectiveness in achieving campaign targets
  • Profit & Loss
  • Leading development of product features and maintain backlog
  • Gathering external and internal feedback
  • Product documentation and communication
  • E2E process development and efficiency monitoring
  • Partnership communication

Tools (not obligatory to know these beforehand):

  • Google Doubleclick (DFP)
  • Google Adx (SSP)
  • Adform (SSP)
  • DMP:t (Adform, Cxense)

Apply now and include:

  • CV
  • a short briefing why you are and ideal candidate
  • 2 referees
  • salary request

I'd be happy to provide more information over phone or e-mail.


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Product Owner

Alkaa: asap
Kesto: Permanent position
Työn sijainti: Helsinki
Rooli: Product Owner
Työsuhde: Vakituinen työsuhde

Ref.nro: 4053
Kontakti: Minna Peltola
Sähköposti: minna.peltola@finitec.fi
Puhelin: +358 40 8619291

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