Helsinki central area

Android developer

Our client is looking for Android developer


  • App development in a large media company
  • App has extensive exposure to large audience

Tech stack:

  • Retrofit (REST API)
  • Dagger (IoC)
  • Butterknife (View injection)
  • Picasso (Image loading)
  • RxJava (Reactive extensions)

It is required that the candidate has good UI-skills and experience in RxJava and Kotlin beneficial.

If interested, pls send short email to jukka.kontro@finitec.fi


Kaikki avoimet paikat

Android developer

Alkaa: ASAP
Kesto: Over 6 months
Työn sijainti: Helsinki central area
Rooli: Developer
Työsuhde: Sopimustyö

Ref.nro: 4411
Kontakti: Jukka Kontro
Sähköposti: jukka.kontro@finitec.fi
Puhelin: +358 400 157 945

Kaikki avoimet paikat