C++ Developer / SW Engineer

Our client from medical industry is looking for an experienced software engineer / C++ Developer. The assignment is a long-term engagement, likely to last at least 12 months. 

You will develop new features, deployment infrastructure, and automated tests in Microsoft build, deployment and development ecosystem. The subject system is a distributed, service based, multi-layered software system, in healthcare area. 


  • Develop continuous deployment infrastructure in TFS based CI/CD environment.
  • Develop new features with the product development team.
  • Develop test automation across all levels of the testing pyramid, including non-functional   testing on application- and system level. 

Technical qualifications:

  • Solid background in C++ programming, preferably at least three years
  • Familiarity with C# programming

You'll work on site as an integral member of the product development team building software for the medical devices and associated service solutions in Helsinki.

Please get in touch wih Teppo Martinsuo if you're interested in this engagement.

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C++ Developer / SW Engineer

Alkaa: ASAP
Kesto: minimum 12 months
Työn sijainti: Helsinki
Rooli: C++ Developer / SW Engineer
Työsuhde: Sopimustyö

Ref.nro: 4683
Kontakti: Teppo Martinsuo
Sähköposti: teppo.martinsuo@finitec.fi
Puhelin: +358 40 756 7042

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