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Our customer has an enhancement ongoing for Maximo where they plan to introduce a mobile app for some of their site personnel. The customer has realised that a pre-requisite is to open their Maximo system to external network. This involves configuring Maximo to authenticate against SAML and also has to do with securing all the components running on the Windows server. The server is currently located in internal network and is using Active directory for user authentication. External users use currently an SSL VPN solution to login to the server. This would need to change to be SAML based.

The server is hosted by a third party. It is a Windows 2012R2 server. Web server is IBM HTTP server V8.5. Application server is WebSphere V8.5. Maximo version is (SP version). We are now looking for a consultant to implement the changes described here.

An ideal candidate has SAML, IBM WebSphere and IBM Web server knowledge, experience from similar projects and ability to produce work estimations. Knowledge of Maximo is a plus.  

Work would start as soon as possible. Location Helsinki, Turku or Vaasa. 

If interested, please get in touch with Anuliina Hietamies as soon as possible.

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WebSphere Developer

Alkaa: Heti
Kesto: Sopimustyö
Työn sijainti: Helsinki/Turku/Vaasa
Rooli: WebSphere Developer
Työsuhde: Sopimustyö

Ref.nro: 4692
Kontakti: Anuliina Hietamies
Sähköposti: anuliina.hietamies@finitec.fi
Puhelin: +358406722672

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