PHP Developer

Our customer is looking for experienced fullstack PHP-developer


  • A large customer project with several teams
  • This particular role is an independent role; one senior developer has started the project and created the archtitecture, and new developer is now needed to carry on the project


  • Senior level PHP skills
  • Node.js and some WP-skills expected

Please forward your CV and application to jukka.kontro@finitec.fi

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PHP Developer

Alkaa: ASAP
Kesto: 31.12.2019
Työn sijainti: Helsinki
Rooli: Developer
Työsuhde: Sopimustyö

Ref.nro: 4762
Kontakti: Jukka Kontro
Sähköposti: jukka.kontro@finitec.fi
Puhelin: +358 400 157 945

Kaikki avoimet paikat